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Importing non-SWP/SW LaTeX documents

Version: 5.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word

If you are working with files created in LaTeX and you are unable to open the files directly, you may be able to import the contents of the files into SWP or SW documents with a special non-SWP/SW LaTeX filter.

  1. Place the file you want to open in a writable directory so that the program can create the necessary temporary files.

  2. From the File menu, choose Import Non-SWP/SW LaTeX.

  3. Select the file and choose Open.

    The program imports as much of the file as possible into a new document, and gives the document a name using the format filename-tmp000.tex, where 000 is a number. Thus, the first attempt to import a given file will result in a file named filename-tmp0.tex; the second attempt will yield filename-tmp1.tex; and so on.

The filter can read many macro definitions not created with the program, but it may not able to recognize every possible TeX or LaTeX construct. If it is unable to read a construct in the file, the program attempts to read the construct and places the results in gray boxes labeled "unrecognized." You must then try to reconstruct the commands in the gray boxes.

If you are very familiar with TeX and LaTeX, you can modify the filter to interpret certain constructs in non-SWP/SW LaTeX documents.

If you successfully read and modify a LaTeX document and then save it as an SWP/SW document using the SWP/SW/SNB Document (*.tex) option, the program inserts the command \input{tcilatex} in the document preamble and uses the file macros defined in tcilatex, a special set of macros. If instead you save the document as a portable LaTeX file, the command isn't inserted in the preamble.

With Version 5.0 and earlier, you may be able to import the contents of the file into your document.

Added 07/28/05

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