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Document 295

Relative graphics paths and master documents

Version: 3.0 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


You have a master document with several subdocuments. The master document has its own directory. Each subdocument and the graphics pertaining to that subdocument reside in a separate subdirectory of the master directory. When you preview the master document with the Preview command on the Typeset directory, the graphics in the subdocuments don't appear.

However, if you place a graphic in the master directory (instead of a subdocument subdirectory), insert it into one of the subdocuments, and then preview the master document, the graphic does appear.

This seems to imply that all graphics for the document must be placed in the master directory in order for them to appear.


With Version 3.0, we've implemented the embedding of graphics in documents using paths relative to each document. The problem is that TeX only understands graphics paths relative to the master document.


The simplest way to make the graphics appear properly in subdocuments is to change the way graphics path information is saved with the master document, so that the graphics are saved with absolute paths instead of relative paths:

  1. Open the master document.

  2. From the File menu, choose Document Info and then choose Save Options.

  3. In the Graphics area, uncheck Store Relative Graphics Paths.

  4. Choose OK.

  5. Save the master document.

  6. In turn, open each subdocument, make a trivial change (such as adding and then deleting a character) and then save the subdocument.

Alternatively, you can leave the relative graphics path setting alone and place all the graphics for the document in the master directory, but this means you must delete them from the subdocuments and reimport them from their new location.

Additional Information

Unfortunately, it appears that the state of the Store Relative Graphics Paths setting is not saved in the document when you are using the SWP/SW 3.0 Portable LaTeX filter.

One workaround is to manually edit the master document and add a line containing this code


at the beginning of the document where other % TCIDATA lines are located. This line would have to be replaced each time the master document is saved using the Portable LaTeX filter.

Another solution is to place all of the .tex files in the same directory.

Revised 09/13/99, 06/12/02, 10/22/04

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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