Typesetting Documents in Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Word®, Third Edition

Cover of Typesetting Documents in
Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word Susan Bagby and George Pearson
248 pages
ISBN: 0-9741652-7-1
Available for download or on our product CD as PDF file.

Typesetting Documents in Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Word® Third Edition is an aid to choosing and customizing the typeset appearance of your documents.

The first section describes how to change the page layout, front and back matter, and body of the document, and how to tailor the appearance of content including theorem environments, graphics, and tables.

The second section describes how document shells use LATEX document classes, class options, and packages. It shows how to choose a shell and how to create customized shells so that your documents conform to the standards of your company, department, or publisher. It also describes how to add LATEX packages and options from outside sources, such as publishers.

The third section documents a wide range of LATEX packages that you can use for specific formatting tasks, such as controlling section headings, specifying headers and footers, creating acronym lists and endnotes, formatting bibliographies and citations, using multiple columns, positioning tables and graphics, and changing the font size and line spacing.

The final section presents extensive troubleshooting information to help you isolate and resolve common errors.

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