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We offer a series of books to help our customers use MacKichan Software products effectively in the workplace and the classroom. These manuals are available for download as PDF files. Some are available from MacKichan Software through our Store and from our distributors.

Doing Mathematics with Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Notebook® Version 6

Cover of Doing Mathematics with Scientific by Darel W. Hardy and Carol L. Walker

The manual describes how to use MuPAD® to do a wide range of mathematics without dealing directly with the syntax of the computer algebra systems. The book is organized around the undergraduate mathematics curriculum for ease of use by beginners through professionals. It includes basic procedures, examples, instructions, and sample solutions. (539 pages). Read more.

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Download a PDF version of Doing Mathematics with Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Notebook Version 6.

Creating Documents with Scientific WorkPlace® & Scientific Word® Version 6

Cover of Creating Documents with by Clint Hicks

Creating basic and advanced documents is straightforward when document creation tasks are explained in detail. The manual presents step-by-step instructions for working with document files, entering text and mathematics, formatting, and previewing and printing with and without LATEX and pdfLATEX typesetting. It also includes information about structuring documents for typesetting and for online use, managing documents, and customizing the program. (115 pages).  Read more.

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Download a PDF version of Creating Documents with Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word Version 6.

Calculus: Understanding Its Concepts and Methods

Cover of Calculus: 
Understanding Its Concepts and Methods

by Darel Hardy, Fred Richman, Carol Walker, and Robert Wisner
This book applies recent advances in software technology to the teaching of calculus. When used within Scientific Notebook 5.5 software, it teaches students both basic concepts and computational details. The book exploits a powerful computer algebra system to help students discover concepts interactively; supports the instructor with tools and hints; contains animated examples to clarify concepts; is ideal for classroom use, independent study, and distance learning; and is thoroughly indexed and hyperlinked to provide easy access to relevant information.  See a demonstration or read more about this revolutionary textbook.

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