Activating Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook Version 6 on the Internet

  1. Install your software and open the program.  Be sure you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Activate your software:
    1. From the Help menu, choose Activate.  The program displays an Activation Information form.  Your computer ID is already filled in.  Type in the serial number you got when you bought your license.
    2. Check the information in these two required fields, and make any necessary corrections.
    3. Fill in your email address.  (If you are part of an academic institution that has an unlimited site license with the home-use option, you must enter your email name so your license can be sent to you.  No information will be sent to the licensing server other than the information you type in this form.)  Click OK.

      MacKichan Software has a strict privacy policy.  We will not share or sell your information to any other party.

    4. You will next see a copy of the End User License Agreement for your program.  Click on “I accept this agreement” and click on OK.
    5. In a few moments you will be told your activation is complete.
    6. Your program will be fully functional the next time you open a document.

Your serial number will work to activate a license for the Windows® operating system and/or a license for a Macintosh® computer with macOS®.

Fixed license Use

A fixed license gives the right to use the program in one of two ways:



This allows the user to have the program on an office computer, home computer, and laptop.  These computers do NOT have to have the same operating system.

Note also: Any user who buys a Version 6 serial number will be able to use it to activate any MacKichan Software product, from version 4.1 to 6.0.  Licenses for older versions containing the Maple® computer algebra system are no longer available.

If you have any problem, contact us.  During business hours (Pacific time), 7:30 am to 4 pm, call 877-724-9673 toll free, or 360-394-6033.  You can also email or

Note to customers behind a strong firewall: If your computer is located behind a strong firewall, you may not be able to use the above described method to activate your software. Instead, you may use the web form here to activate your software.

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