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MacKichan Software Licenses

MacKichan Software offers a variety of licensing options, created to meet the needs of our customers around the world. For this purpose, our products use FlexLM® and Reprise Software® for fixed and floating (network) licenses.

Types of licenses

  • On one computer which multiple people can use, one at a time;
  • On a single user's personal computers. A single user is allowed to install and use the software at home, at work, and on a laptop, as long as he is the only person using the software.

    Note: These two cases are mutually exclusive. Read or print our End User License Agreement.

Obtaining a software license

When first installed, each of our products-Scientific WorkPlace®, Scientific Word®, and Scientific Notebook®-is not fully functional. For full product functionality, the user must go through the activation process by going to Help - Activate.

The user of a floating or site license will be given a license file by the license administrator. The user of a fixed license must obtain a license file specific to his computer. The easiest way to obtain a license is on the web; It takes only a few seconds.

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