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Choosing a Product

Scientific WorkPlace:  Mathematical Word Processing, LaTeX Typesetting, and Computer Algebra
Mathematical Word Processing
LATEX Typesetting
Computer Algebra
  Scientific Word: Mathematical Word Processing and LaTeX Typesetting Mathematical Word Processing
LATEX Typesetting
  Scientific Notebook: Mathematical Word Processing and Computer Algebra Mathematical Word Processing
Computer Algebra

Which scientific product do you need?

The product that is right for you depends on the tasks you need to accomplish. All of our products share the same easy-to-learn, easy-to-use scientific word processor. Scientific WorkPlace® and Scientific Notebook® also include an embedded computer algebra engine that lets you solve, plot and animate mathematical expressions. Scientific WorkPlace® and Scientific Word® produce LATEX typeset documents.

Choose the Version 6 product that fits your work best

If you need to
Create mathematical documents
Typeset your documents with LATEX  
Publish books or journal articles  
Collaborate with LATEX users  
Compute symbolically and numerically  
Publish on the web
Develop a mathematical website  
Write exams and course materials  
Plot and animate 2D and 3D graphs  
Teach and study mathematics and science at the undergraduate and secondary school levels    

Do you write for publication?

Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word produce high quality typeset text and automate tasks needed for writing large and complex documents. Both products will generate tables of contents, indexes, lists of figures and bibliographies. LATEX, the industry standard for mathematics typesetting, is used by Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word to produce beautiful mathematical and scientific documents.

Do you need a computer algebra system?

Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook have the MuPAD 5® computer algebra system embedded in them. Once an equation or expression is typed, you can evaluate, simplify, factor, or solve it simply by clicking on a menu item. You can also plot functions in 2 and 3 dimensions. The mathematical expressions you create are live. There is no need to learn any complex syntax. Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook are ideal for long distance learning and classroom instruction, and for writing reports, research papers, and homework. If you teach undergraduates, Scientific Notebook is used in many computer labs around the world for teaching mathematics. Both Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Notebook make it easy for you to send mathematical documents containing text, equations, and plots over the Internet.

Are you a student?

If you are writing a dissertation, you will need either Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Word. If you are an undergraduate, Scientific Notebook will likely meet your needs. MacKichan Software offers students greatly reduced prices on all of our software products. That does not mean that the software is diminished in any way; each student version is identical to the professional version, except for the price. Quantity discounts are also available for student labs.


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