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Document 597

Message: Missing $ inserted

Version: 5.x - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


Files that contain graphics preview correctly with the Typeset/Preview command, but the Typeset/Preview PDF command results in the following LaTeX compilation error:

! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text>
l.54 ...temp/graphics/figure output growth__1.pdf}

Pressing r and Return continues the compilation, but the graphic doesn't appear correctly in the PDF viewer.


The name of the graphics file identified in the error message includes one or more spaces, which causes a problem for pdfLaTeX. The program expects the underscores that occur after the spaces to be in math mode. Because the underscores are not in math mode, pdfLaTeX generates the error.


In general, avoid spaces in directory and file names.

Although SWP and SW can use many different graphics formats, pdfLaTeX understands only a limited number of graphics formats. When you typeset a PDF file from your SWP or SW document, the program converts any graphics in the document to a format that pdfLaTeX can understand. You can select the format you want to use. You can also select the way you want the converted graphics to be named. Choose an appropriate graphics file naming option to avoid the error caused by spaces in the file name:

  1. From the Typeset menu, select General Settings.

  2. Choose the PDF Graphics Settings button to open the PDF Graphics Export Options dialog.

  3. Choose the Graphics File Naming Options button to open this dialog:

    The default setting after SWP or SW is installed is to use the last option, Original filename and graphics sequence number. However, if the filename includes a space, the problem will occur.

  4. Select one of the naming options that does not include the original file name in the name of the generated graphics file.

  5. Choose OK to close each dialog and return to your document.

  6. Save the document and try to typeset the PDF file again.

Last revised 5/22/06

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