746: Setting the running header for the list of symbols when using the nomencl package

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Document 746

Setting the running header for the list of symbols when using the nomencl package

Version: 5.5 - Scientific WorkPlace & Scientific Word


When using the nomencl package to create a list of symbols, the typeset document running header is from the previous chapter title.


The nomencl package uses unnumbered chapter or section headings (depending on the type of document) to start the list of symbols. The unnumbered division headings do not update the text used in running headers.


The list of symbols is created in the document by a TeX field containing \printnomenclature. Modify the TeX field so it contains:




These instructions are appropriate when using the standard LaTeX book typesetting specification. The standard LaTeX book typesetting specification will normally start chapters on odd numbered pages. If the document is using a typesetting specification that starts chapters on odd or even pages, change \cleardoublepage to \clearpage. if the running header needs to use mixed case letters instead of all uppercase, change \markboth{\MakeUppercase{\nomname}}{\MakeUppercase{\nomname}} to \markboth{\nomname}{\nomname}.

The nomencl package uses "Nomenclature" as the division heading and in the running header. To instead use "List of Symbols", add the following line to the end of the document preamble:

\renewcommand{\nomname}{List of Symbols}

Note: The information in this article is specific to the version of the nomencl package included with Version 5.5. Earlier releases include older versions of the nomencl package which uses different macros to include the list of symbols in the document.

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Added 07/23/10

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