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Document 337

Patch update for SWP/SW/SNB 3.5/3.51

Version: 3.5 & 3.51 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

The currently shipping version of Scientific WorkPlace/Scientific Word/Scientific Notebook is version 3.51, Build 1990. You can download a patch update file for Build 1990. The patch update will work only if you currently have installed SWP/SN/SNB Version 3.50 build 1960, 3.50 build 1966 or 3.51 build 1988. Each patch update file is about one and a half MB.

Check the current version of SWP/SW/SNB you are using

Start your copy of the program. From the Help menu, choose About. The dialog that appears displays the current version and build numbers. If you currently have Version 3.5 build 1960, Version 3.5 build 1966 or Version 3.51 build 1988 you can use the patch update. The patch update file will only work for the correct product. If you are still using Version 3.0 you must purchase an update.

Download and install the updated version

You can download the patch update file for your program. Each patch update file is about one and a half MB.

Product Patch Update File
Scientific WorkPlace swp350to351.exe
Scientific Word sw350to351.exe
Scientific Notebook sn350to351.exe

Download the appropriate file to your local hard drive. When the download is complete, run the program and follow the screen prompts. Be sure your current version of SWP/SN/SNB is not running before you start the update or install program

If you have sufficient disk space, you may want to make a copy of your current program directory before applying the patch update. If the patch update fails, you may need to reinstall from the original program CD.

Note New registry information is used by this version, so if you have made custom settings (like new automatic substitutions) they will be lost. The first time you run SWP/SN/SNB after applying the patch will be similar to running it the first time after the original installation. There is no change to the licensing, so the current license information will be used. You will not have to re-register after installing.

What Has Changed?

Following are a list of changes that have occurred in the various builds of SWP/SN/SNB. Not all changes apply to all products (for example, the Style Editor is not included in Scientific Notebook). Some of the descriptions use technical and internal terms so they may not be completely descriptive of the change that took place.

Changes since Build 1988 (for Build 1990)

  • Add revtex.cls so old RevTeX3.1 documents compile.

  • Change MaxGraphicsMemoryUsage in tcispech.ini from 4000 to 32000 to help prevent problems with graphics not appearing when documents are printed (and sometimes previewed).

  • Fix handling of UI language which prevented switching to German (or any language whose code is lexicographically before ENUS). - Needed by non-English versions.

  • Prevent crash on copying special footnotes.

  • Allow Order program to send user's language.

Changes since Build 1966 (for Build 1988)

  • Incorrect scripting of CST file for Titlepage entry by Style Editor.

  • In SEBASE.CLS, initialize things like example, theorem, etc. to start at 1 when numbered within sections.

  • Update Elsevier article style from CTAN.

  • Add "Copy as Internal Format" to edit menu. The emulates behavior of Copy in pre-3.51 systems.

  • In registry, move Installation section from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER so we don't get warning messages on startup for restricted users on Win2000.

  • Update SEBASE.CLS to fix some minor problems.

  • Change how certain constructs appear on the Navigation Bar. Content is rendered as though it would be to export to another program via the clipboard, then the line ends are changed to spaces so it fits on one line.

  • Save and reload Style Editor styles. Changes version number from 2.6 to 3.5.

  • In OptionsPackagesLaTeX.tex, state that the shells for the American Geophysical Union files have been removed.

  • Remove http:// from URL passed to browser for ordering. This seems to confuse Netscape less.

  • Tweak phone registration in order program to help people find the right path.

  • Use the right font for the calligraphic tag in AMS Proceedings screen styles.

  • In World Scientific Proceedings shells, replaced \bea with \begin{equarray}.

  • Added better \frac and \QTO handling in Portable filter.

  • Brace characters in the caption of a graphic can cause misbehavior if it's copied and pasted.

  • Pasting text from other programs containing a TAB results in UNRECOGNIZED gray box.

  • Correctly locate LaTeX parameters in files containing multibyte (eg. Japanese) text.

  • Change the autorun program on the CD to prompt for the Serial Number. From that, the product is determined and the Serial Number is handed off to the appropriate installation.

  • Inaccessible control sequence in Style Editor documents when cross-referencing inside a crop-marked page.

  • Preview of exceptional page in Style Editor.

  • Remove reference to Calculus Activities, which are no longer on the CD.

  • Change to have Custom Notes store and save the tag names corresponding to the custom note types rather than the aliases.

  • Fix for \protect in section head in Exam Builder.

  • Fix for \U{} in verbatim section head in Exam Builder.

  • Changes to .ins file handling to permit localization of data like color names, file types, etc.

  • Changed version number to 3.51.

  • More fixes to IME handling, in particular when dialogs are activated/deactivated.

  • Added ability to specify filename for Save/Restore User Preferences.

  • Fix appendix equation numbering in SEBASE.CLS.

  • Correct definition of Beta function in "Table of Equivalents" help page.

  • Macros used by some Art Ogawa style files are also used by Babel with the result that colons and spaces are not typeset when using the various SW letter, fax and memo styles.

  • Major changes to clipboard handling so that other programs don't see our internal LaTeX form, but instead see a relatively standard text representation. Simultaneously, the Navigate Bar and Help Search dialog can now display non-ASCII text correctly. Increase maximum clipboard size as well.

  • Restructure how the formula operations are displayed so they can be translated.

  • Correct problem where the IME gets a bad font when the zoom factor changes.

  • Update Style Editor help files.

  • Correct installation problem where the tci fonts were not updated if you had multiple products or versions installed.

  • Use system charset when selecting fonts in (Maple) plots.

  • When parsing BibTeX bibliography entries, ignore whitespace between category and key. (5121) Trim white space from key in BibTeX citation.

  • Correct installation bug where BibDB icon was present even if it wasn't installed.

  • Enhance Navigate Bar so that it correctly handles multibyte characters.

  • Increase Autosubstitution data length from 230 to 30000 bytes. Remove certain restrictions on the data so that, in particular, math mode plots can be used.

  • Restore "type a letter" feature in BibTeX key dialog.

  • Remove size limit on registry data.

  • Corrected problem where math was not using italic characters on initial screen drawing.

  • Made character drawing more codepage and charset sensitive.

  • Fix some problems with SEBASE.CLS. Page style not getting set and wrong time and first page not breaking.

  • Fix problem in SEBASE.CLS where cross references to figures and tables were incorrect.

  • Changing the state of the "Start as zero" or "Reset at the start of a higher level division" does not change the style file when it is saved in the Style Editor.

  • Fix Style Editor problem where the .sty file changed after saving even though no changes were made via the interface.

  • Fixed various data validation problems in the Style Editor.

  • Fixed Style Editor crash when visiting certain dialogs.

  • Fixed Style Editor bug which only allowed integers for line spacing amount.

  • Fixed Style Editor bug where units were not added when specifying absolute line spacing.

  • Fixed Style Editor bug with empty .shl file name.

  • Fix Style Editor bug where counter name didn't change as the division type changed.

  • In a number of Style Editor styles, remove the .tex extension from the name of external files so \usepackage will work.

  • Change TEXFONTS inside truetex.ini to search the tfm directory recursively.

  • In SEBASE.CLS, changed \input{\externalfile} to \usepackage{\externalfile}

  • Put svreadme.txt in the selfextract directory on the CD.

  • Add help page for Network Master installations.

  • Fixed problem with mathnames being followed by empty () in MuPAD.

Changes since Build 1960 (for Build 1966)

  • Add software license display in order registration program.

  • Correct crash when saving (old) RevTeX documents containing characters with accents.

  • Fix problem wherein changes made to formulas are lost if: a) the change was simply a change of case in a character b) the change was to add material on the end.

  • Allow revising formulas in Scientific Word and any time the computation engine is disabled.

  • Refine the description of how to install a foreign language dictionary.

  • Fix Help35 Sample shell and Index Entry help page so that example environment appears correctly on screen and in TeX.

  • Fix lost page data in picture properties dialog.

  • Activate horizontal scrollbar in Go View History dialog.

  • In Viewer, issue warning in File New that you can't save any work done.

  • Fix problem installing licenses on Student Edition systems.

  • Fix crash when adding 4 columns to a 1 column matrix.

  • Put RTF to LaTeX converter back into the Viewer.

  • Correct Neutron Mass eV.frg.

  • Fix crash when too many variables are used in a MuPAD plot.

  • Fix problem where conformal plots were not storing horizontal curve and points per vertical curve separately.

Added 02/27/01; revised 04/30/02, 09/30/02, 08/29/03, 11/17/03

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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