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Updates for Version 6

Version 6 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

We will be constantly making improvements and will post updates on a regular basis.

Version 6.0 is not currently compatible for use with macOS® 11.0 Big Sur or 10.15 Catalina.

Version 6.0.30 (05/30/2019)

Scientific WorkPlace 6 for Windows
Scientific WorkPlace 6 for Macintosh
Scientific Word 6 for Windows
Scientific Word 6 for Macintosh
Scientific Notebook 6 for Windows
Scientific Notebook 6 for Macintosh

Use the appropriate link above to download the installation file. When you run the installation, if you are using Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace, you will generally not need to update the TeX installation or the Ghostscript installation. See A quick health test after updating to newest Version 6 release for some quick steps to make sure the connection to your TeX system is available.

The macOS download for SWP and SW contain separate installers for the main program and TeX Live. If updating, it will be only necessary to run the main program installer. If installing on a new computer, the TeX Live installer will need to be run separately from the main program installer. El Capitan users: The security has been increased so use option+Click to start the installers to allow answering the security dialog to allow continuing the installation. Starting the installer only by clicking does not offer the option to continue when the security dialog appears.

Changes for this release:

  • Set increment for plot sizing to .1 (match what had previously been done for graphics sizes).

  • Added some text to the help system about the sidebars and update the graphics.

  • Changed help system text to use macOS instead of OS X as the name of the Macintosh operating system.

  • Fixed some broken links in the help table of contents.

  • Changed typeset options for REVTeX4-1 to show titlepage option is now the default.

  • Fixed operation of View, Sidebars, View sidebar on left and View, Sidebars, View sidebar on right.

  • Fixed a help topic where subsections were incorrectly tagged as sections.

  • Updated text and graphics in help system to include symbol toolbar buttons that were missing.

  • Updated help text to add "Return to prior section" links (otherwise only toc could be used to go up a level).

  • Updated help text to add text to describe clicking on a tag in the Status bar to select the text marked by that tag.

  • Updated help file graphics so all toolbar icons are active.

  • Fixed a problem where "exp t" was not being plotted correctly.

  • Updated lists of available fonts in Document format dialog: added Times to math fonts and alphabetized other lists.

  • Implemented preferences for matrix defaults.

  • Implemented bracketed matrices.

  • Fixed a problem where filled circles was always used when creating point plots.

  • Allowed using semicolon along with comma to separate function parameters.

  • Updated preferences text when generating TeX on automatic save to help improve intent and also update corresponding help system graphic.

  • Fixed a problem where an incorrect factor was returned when a fraction was part of the expression.

  • Fixed a problem where the erf function was not being used correctly for plotting.

  • Fixed an XML parsing error when importing \hbox inside a cases environment.

  • Updated help text to clarify adding captions to graphics.

  • Updated help text to remove references to a Compute menu item that does not exist.

  • Updated help text when creating a point plot.

  • Fixed a problem where an error dialog would appear when trying to select properties of imagecaption.

  • Made changes to cache the licensing information to avoid a problem where license information was lost before the program was exited.

  • Changed dialogs so using Enter with Okay active does not insert doubled objects into the main window. Solved for Windows, but Macintosh solution still needed.

  • Removed unnecessary "http://" from URLs, and changed the URL for MathJax when saving for web.

  • Fixed problem displaying result of a certain 'solve exact'.

  • Added mathtools as a package that is always declared, since it is required for most of the matrix forms.

  • Fixed issues when using hyperlinks.

  • Removed references to Osaka font.

  • Fixed a problem that removed the first space in the "Link text" field when revising a hyperlink.

  • Changed newline object to create \newline instead of \\ in the generated LaTeX.

  • Updated About dialog to show current employees.

  • Added shell and support files for REVTeX4-2.

  • Deleted some unneeded breaks in welcome documents to avoid unwanted empty paragraphs when invisibles on.

  • Fixed problems where backspacing after entering a certain subscript or deleting a prime in a superscript would cause an invalid-markup.

  • Fixed a problem where deleting a superscript to a superscript would do the deletion, but change the superscript to be on the main line.

  • Fixed a problem where the cursor would disappear when backspacing through subscripts and superscripts.

  • Added FALSE as a possible outcome to definitess test.

  • Fixed a problem with Arabic environment in setting direction for ltr languages.

  • Added an error message for the wrong number of arguments for assume.

  • Changed to have assume and additionally to have only a single argument where two arguments were required.

  • Updated a couple of menu items where "Scientific Workplace" was used instead of "Scientific WorkPlace".

  • Updated help system to remove some text regarding ASCII import that had already been removed from the print version.

  • Fixed a problem where null was returned when using Compute, Simplex, Dual for certain matrices.

  • Updated watermark.frg so it requests two LaTeX passes.

  • Updated REVTeX4-1 and REVTeX4-2 shell documents to use \footnote instead of \thanks, as needed by the typesetting specification.

  • Updated REVTeX4-1 and REVTeX4-2 shell documents to add definitions for \@acolr and \@acoll to avoid a compile error caused by a conflict with the tabulary package that can be added automatically to a document.

  • Fixed a problem when using Tag, Advanced to change font didn't change line spacing caused by location of braces in the generated TeX.

  • Changed behavior of text tags to allow containing msibr objects and front matter tags; this reduces the fragmenting of text tags.

  • Changed generated LaTeX to force use of fontspec package whenever xelatex or lualatex is used.

  • Fixed a problem where undoing a removeEnvironment can delete text.

  • Fixed a problem where a text tag (for example, bold) could not be applied to cross references and certain other typeset objects.

  • Fixed a problem where new definitions could be lost if document closed before automatic save was done.

  • Fixed a problem where the approximate symbol returned by a computation was preventing subsequent computations from being made on the same line.

  • Fixed a problem where results for approximate integrals were not being shown.

  • Fixed a problem where the Compute, Vector calculus, Set basis variables dialog was not available.

Version 6.0.29 (07/30/2018)

Changes for this release:

  • Changed to prevent saving a file opening caused an XML parsing fail. This prevents saving that overwrites the original file with the error message.

  • Fixed a problem where resize widgets stopped appearing for selected graphics.

  • Deleted the unused attribute xmlns:sw from html tag.

  • Updated various help file topics by removing duplicate graphics and updating certain graphics.

  • Fixed certain footnote/thanks problems introduced during the last round of updates to the shells.

  • Updated the shell American_Economic_Review--Similar to a TeX field that prints the endnotes (looks like this got lost long ago) and change some of the sample text.

  • Updated help to delete some obsolete text that talked about allowing adding graphics by reference.

  • Added "Add symbol to user palette" to context menu on symbol panels.

  • Changed to make it possible to rearrange symbols in the User palette using drag and drop. The same can be done with the keyboard, provided keys give access to the context menu, through the 'Move symbol to beginning of user palette' command on the context menu.

  • Changed to keep classic and modern css files in sync.

  • Fixed a problem where the document was not marked as needing to be saved when the document preamble and several other content areas were modified.

  • Fixed a problem where inserting a math name object in front of an existing math name object means no auto substitution.

  • Fixed an import problem that caused a crash.

  • Fixed a problem with the import filter where short captions to figures were not being imported correctly.

  • Changed to keep conversion to source from eliminating required spaces along with other space characters.

  • Added short caption to properties of imagecaption object.

  • Fixed a problem with the import filter to allow tables in the author field.

  • Fixed a problem where bracket objects were not being added to highlighted objects.

  • Fixed problems with selection being incorrect after converting text to math.

  • Fixed a problem where a multiline display generated the incorrect LaTeX environment.

  • Fixed a problem where single character accents were being exported to LaTeX instead of wide accents.

  • Fixed a problem where absolute values were not being evaluated.

  • Fixed a problem where text mode characters could not be inserted when in math mode.

  • Fixed a problem where a function with three parameters could not be defined.

  • Fixed a problem where polar plots were not being created.

  • Fixed a problem where 3D rectangular plots were not being created.

  • Updated the sample text in the shell Standard_LaTeX_Report to match other similar shells.

  • Updated the installer to work better with the TeX Live over the network installation.

Version 6.0.28 (04/19/2018)

Changes for this release:

  • Changed various dialogs to improve resizing and persisting; resized certain dialogs to avoid needing scroll bars.

  • Improved save to web to include all graphics and avoid showing contents of TeX fields.

  • Corrected problem that prevented toolbar customization.

  • Removed Themes from Toolbar menu. Select theme using Preferences.

  • Removed Help button from Hyperlink dialog since it was not helpful.

  • Fixed a problem that caused invalid-markup.

  • Changed text in Breaks dialog from "Discard at line end" to "Discard at page end" when using custom vertical space.

  • Changed position of Footnote from first to last in the list of note types in the Note dialog. Footnote is available directly from the Insert menu so shouldn't be the default selection for the Note dialog.

  • Added a level of depth to the Entering and Editing Mathematical Objects section in the Working with Mathematics chapter of the online help.

  • Added xcolor and xspace to the list of available packages in the Options and Packages dialog.

  • Fixed a problem where the cases environment was not imported.

  • Fixed a problem where a table inside a margin note was not imported.

  • Removed unneeded font size attribute from some sample text in the Standard_LaTeX_Report shell document.

  • Fixed a problem where \bordermatrix used in a .tex file was not imported.

  • Allowed footnotes and other notes to have different preferences for raggedleft and raggedright.

  • Added solution to the list of known theorem-like objects.

  • Fixed a problem with an expression that caused a crash when it was evaluated.

  • Added black box to the screen display at the end of the proof environment.

  • Improved performance when deleting using the Backspace key.

  • Changed the increment of some controls in the default graphics sizes. Changed so increment would be .1 instead of 1.

  • Fixed where a4paperpaper instead of a4paper wass added to \usepackage line for geometry after changing paper size via Document Format dialog.

  • Fixed a problem where --SW-- would appear after switching to source view and then back to normal view caused by a thinspace in math mode.

  • Updated shells to remove <address> tag (just use Shift+Enter to add a line break to an <author> tag) and use correct current notation for <thanks>.

  • Fixed typos in the graphics properties dialog (changed "Expession" to "Expression" and "Orientatin" to "Orientation").

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Animation settings button from activating in the graphics user settings dialog.

  • Updated shell documents to remove <address> tags (use Shift+Enter inside <author> tag to add address lines in the front matter).

  • Updated shell documents to use current correct form of the <thanks> tag in the front matter.

  • Updated shell documents to use numbering="none" as the attribute for <msidisplay> for unnumbered displays instead of numbering="eqns". The latter is no longer used and the cursor could not be placed in a display with that attribute.

  • Fixed an import problem where the tikzpicture environment (used by the tikz package) is now placed inside a TeX field.

  • Updated the copyright to say "Copyright 2015-2018 by MacKichan Software, Inc."

  • Removed the multimedia package from the beamer shell. It is not needed and caused a compile problem after a bad beamer update from CTAN.

  • Updated document export of %EndExpansion to be on a line by itself.

  • Updated the shell documents to replace obsolete <QTP type="Body Math"> with <bodyMath> tags.

  • Updated the shell documents to delete spurious <br> tags.

  • Updated various help system graphics to use current screen captures.

  • Changed export of &#x2A38; from \circleddivide to \odiv. The macro \circleddivide doesn't exist anyplace, but \odiv is defined by the stix package.

  • Added mappings for about 900 symbols that are Unicode characters defined by the stix package.

  • Added a new symbol panel tab for new stix characters. NOTE: With some 900 characters on the new symbol panel it can be awkward to use the panel directly. Drag the symbols you want to use to the User panel for easier access to the probably much smaller group of symbols that you will end up using.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented plotting expressions containing a comma.

  • Added textcomp (part of LaTeX base) and stix packages to list of available packages for every known class in the Options and Packages dialog.

  • Fixed problems with the index entry dialog.

  • Fixed a problem where the special appearance value from an index entry would appear in the body of the document.

  • Fixed a problem where parameters to assume were being treated as variables.

  • Changed export of \text macro to not add \; (thin space) before and after when generating LaTeX.

  • Removed set and book from the section/environment tags drop down list of divisions since they are not used by typesetting specifications.

  • Updated shell documents to remove spurious spaces at the end of paragraphs.

  • Fixed a problem where a backspace at the beginning of a paragraph following an empty list causes crash.

  • Changed the default save interval from 10 to 30 seconds (try to avoid race condition that has been reported where keyboard entry becomes slow).

  • Updated shell documents to use a correct sample table with caption.

  • Fixed a document import problem for certain figure environments and \includegraphics statements.

  • Deleted .addr. automatic substitution since address tag is no longer used, and added .date. automatic substitution as it was missing.

  • Revised Activate dialog to put serial number at top (and avoid possible problem where computer id can be deleted by a random keystroke).

  • Fixed problems caused by backspacing in lists.

  • Added some background colors to the Normal view for elements not commonly used, and not easily distinguished from other elements: verbatim, shortQuote, longQuotation, flushleft, and flushright (used same colors for last two as in 5.5).

  • Fix a problem where you could not backspace from the beginning of on empty paragraph to delete text in the previous paragraph.

  • Updated the fragments to use the <bodyText> tag.

  • Updated a command file to suppress the message: '""' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. This happened if preferences on a Windows installation was set to open a PDF using the default viewer program.

  • Fixed display problem with some graphics.

  • Fixed a problem where the cursor was lost when switching between text and math.

  • Various edits to the help system to improve grammar, formatting, and accuracy.

Version 6.0.27 (08/18/2017)

Changes for this release:

  • Many changes have been to the importing of graphics

  • Dragging and dropping of graphics files is enabled

  • Default size and frame properties now reliably come from the Preferences, both in the dialog and for drag and drop

  • Copying and pasting of graphics from other apps now supports more formats, including emf and wmf

  • A major cause of slowness when importing a TeX file using wmf and emf graphics was the multiple calls of Inkscape; the code now calls Inkscape just once to convert all wmf and emf graphics, saving the cost multiple launches of Inkscape

  • Changed the way aspect ratio is treated when resizing a graphic with the mouse. Moving the points on the side will not preserve the aspect ratio, and moving the corner points always will

  • Several changes to the online help system including: vary thickness of lines below headings to represent heading level; match case for menu items displayed by program; move graphic out of note environments; add hyperlinks from mini table of contents; add hyperlinks to previous section; adjust some graphics for better display; add table of contents level for items from the Menus topic; update certain graphics to show changed dialogs; change Doing Math display of menu selections to match Creating Documents; use xhtml codes for certain characters like open and close quotes to give proper display; use <texlogo> to display TeX, LaTeX, etc. when appropriate; make some edits to reflect online help and not printed book; add some hyperlinks; added training information

  • Fixed import problem where alignment points were not retained in certain multi-line equations

  • Fixed import problem for a TeX field inside a certain multi-line display environment

  • Made changes to match recent changes to Polyglossia. In Polyglossia, the user selects a language, such as `english' rather than a variant like `USenglish' or `UKenglish' so two fragments were created (in the XeTeX only folder) to specify these two variants

  • Allowed inserting brackets in text mode using the keyboard shortcut

  • Fixed a problem that caused a crash when some expressions were evaluated

  • Enabled using the Style dialog to change the LaTeX class

  • Fixed problems where function definitions were not being saved with the document

  • Fixed a problem where a graphics inside a math display would prevent importing the document

  • Fixed a problem with LaTeX generation for frames where the side margin was not properly set

  • Took out Advanced Edit in some dialogs since the functionality is available through the status line

  • Fixed an import problem with a matrix used for piecewise functions

  • Added a new shell to the Reports directory using the style from online help system

  • Fixed some cases where graphics failed to get translated to TeX correctly

  • Fixed a problem with flalign and flalign* environments

  • Worked around quirks of Inkscape on Windows

  • Use <br> in new image caption so that it shows up correctly on the screen in normal view

  • Fixed a problem with graphic border width so boxed graphics appear properly in preview

  • Fixed import problems with empty captions

  • Fixed a problem using multiple printindex commands and missing space after tableofcontents command

  • Fixed code that caused plots to pile up on top of each other in the PDF view

  • Corrected a problem a presumably rare case of a plot object not being initialized

  • Changed the data attribute in plots from a full path to a relative path

  • Fixed a problem in rewriting a negative fraction as a mixed number gave an incorrect result

  • Added ragged2e with the raggedrightboxes option to the default packages

  • Fixed an import problem for math name objects

  • Adjusted case for some menu items to use "TeX" instead of "Tex"

  • Fixed a problem where some expressions were parsed incorrectly before being plotted.

Version 6.0.26 (03/23/2017)

Changes for this release:

  • Update capitalization of certain menu item entries.

  • Update help system Menus topic to show Recent files in the correct menu position.

  • Fixed a problem with inserting smart quotes via automatic substitution.

  • Fixed a problem that preventing breaking paragraphs using the Enter key.

Version 6.0.25 (03/21/2017)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed import problem for \textsuperscript and \textsubscript.

  • Fixed a problem in generating correct LaTeX for \textsuperscript and \textsubscript.

  • Fixed a problem with expanding brackets being displayed properly and in generating correct LaTeX.

  • Fixed the behavior to allow deletion of matching expanding brackets.

  • Fixed the behavior of the preference "space at the end of math exits math and types a space."

  • Restored more of eqnarray and related behavior.

  • Fixed a problem for TeX and other buttons disappearing when inserting returns.

  • Fixed problems with the cursor going into "date" and "author" buttons when moving to the left.

  • Fixed misplacement of cursor after line splitting in some circumstances.

  • Update some graphics and fix some wording in the help system.

  • Fixed import problem where certain space types inside of math were ignored.

  • Fixed import problem where non-breaking spaces were used inside index entries.

  • Fixed import problem where extra space was being added around index entries.

Version 6.0.24 (02/15/2017)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed where pressing Backspace inside expanding brackets now puts in and deletes input boxes correctly.

  • Improved import of captions associated with graphics.

  • Fixed a problem where certain deletions in a superscript resulted in invalid-markup.

  • Fixed a problem where the Document Format dialog was not showing the selected TeX engine correctly.

  • Fixed a problem where negative exponents in an expression were not being sent to the computational engine.

  • Fixed a problem with cursor position when deleting numbers.

  • Fixed a problem where input boxes were being added when not needed.

  • Fixed a problem where exponents inside expanding brackets were not being sent to the computational engine.

  • Changed document markup to use <imagecaption> instead of <caption> to avoid a conflict with xhtml constructs.

  • Enabled captions above in tables.

  • Fixed an import problem that caused a dialog containing "The file resource://app/res/shells/-Standard_LaTeX/Standard_LaTeX_Article.sci cannot be found." to appear.

  • Avoided losing alignment points for certain multi-line displays.

Version 6.0.23 (01/17/2017)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem where some font names were not getting initialized correctly when opening the Document Format dialog.

  • Fixed a problem importing when the filecontents environment was used.

  • Fixed a problem where expanding parentheses could become normal parentheses.

  • Fixed a problem importing where the spacing environment from the setspace package was not handled properly.

  • Fixed a problem where pressing the Tab key would clear the normal view window.

  • Removed the Ok button from the "Run external installers" dialog during installation.

Version 6.0.22 (01/05/2017)

Changes for this release:

  • When using OS X, changed method of running xelatex to eliminate use of Applescript.

  • Added LuaLaTeX as a TeX implementation option in the Document Format dialog.

  • Added `alwaysraised' to the dialog properties for some dialogs that tend to get hidden.

  • Added a checkbox for using the Hyperref package in the Document Format dialog.

  • introduced a new tag (nbspace) to handle non-breaking spaces correctly.

  • Added generating a \newline before displayed graphics and plots.

  • Moving by drag and drop now works correctly, instead of only copying.

  • Added Thai and Vietnamese to list of polyglossia languages.

  • Fixed problems with columns, column separation, and landscape/portrait in the Document Format dialog.

  • Fixed a problem where the plot intervals could not be changed.

  • Fixed an invalid-markup problem when a radical is in a superscript position and the radicand and then the radical is deleted using Backspace.

  • Fixed a problem adding certain new expressions to a plot.

  • Corrected ordering problems when using copy/paste of math expressions inside expanding brackets.

Version 6.0.21 (11/11/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed multicolumn settings in document format dialog and made some stylistic changes.

  • Keep settings synchronized where items appear on multiple panels in the document format dialog.

  • Selecting landscape in document format dialog now updates orientation of sample page layout in the dialog.

  • Fixed a computation problem in solving an equation involving d that sometimes caused confusion.

  • Fixed an import problem where accented characters in document preamble would come in as diamonds.

  • Fixed a problem after inserting fences that resulted in bad cursor positioning and inserting duplicate characters.

  • Fixed a problem with cursor position after selecting some math and inserting a radical.

  • Fixed a problem with cursor position after inserting a math decoration.

  • Fixed a problem with cursor positioning when moving through a math expression.

  • Improved cursor positioning after inserting a label decoration.

  • Fixed a problem entering a radical when in text mode.

  • Fixed a problem where the computation preferences were not being read from the profile.

  • Ignore old _work directory if it does not contain css subdirectory.

  • Fixed an import problem when an index entry was in math mode.

  • Fixed an import problem caused by a boxedverbatim environment.

  • Fixed an import problem revealed by the template file for Statistics in Medicine.

  • Fixed an import problem where native LaTeX commands for importing graphics were used.

  • Fixed a computation problem involving improper multiplication.

  • Fixed a computation problem when evaluating a meaningless limit caused a crash.

  • Fixed a computation problem involving a badly formed matrix as part of a math expression.

  • Fixed a computation problem when a math name followed by a matrix was not correctly evaluated.

  • Fixed problems with plot snapshots when using Windows.

  • Fixed a problem installing limited time license files found on the clipboard.

  • Fixed problems that caused crashes in text fields when using vertical arrows.

  • Improved appearance of AMS-LaTeX and AMS-TeX by using the MathJax Calligraphic font.

Version 6.0.20 (09/21/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Added labels to the drop down tag lists on the standard toolbar.

  • Fixed problems related to cursor positioning when editing math name objects.

  • Fixed a problem that would allow creating a math display inside an existing math display.

  • Extended the range for zooming.

  • Improved selection of mathematics at the end of a line.

  • Fixed a cursor positioning problem when math was pasted next to math.

  • Improved behavior of typing spaces in math.

  • Made sure cursor is placed at the beginning of the document when loading a new document.

  • Added CSS rules to keep the cursor out of forbidden places in math displays.

  • Made changes to put the cursor in the right place after inserting mathnames and fences.

  • Fixed a computation problem where the wrong derivative was returned in some cases where D notation was used and the term began with a constant.

  • Fixed a problem where deleting an exponent in a computation result caused a crash.

  • Removed one instance of InvisibleTimes being inserted into computation results.

  • Rearranged fragments files.

  • Fixed a problem where entering a radical in the denominator of a fraction would cause a crash.

  • Working directory can now only be created when opening a .sci file.

  • Fixed an import problem when there were two blank lines in the author field.

  • Prevent import of obsolete LaTeX 2.09 documents.

  • Fixed a problem where there was an extra temporary input box when adding fences to the document.

  • Unchanged documents started from a shell document no longer trigger the save/cancel dialog when closed.

  • Initialize fragments in a way that should preserve user-defined fragments as well as updating any fragments we might provide.

Version 6.0.19 (08/23/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem on import caused by an encapsulated TeX field inside an align environment.

  • Fixed a problem where copy/cut/paste from the context menu did not work.

  • Fixed a problem on import where a fraction was imported as a \genfrac TeX field.

  • Removed msi-graphicx.sty to improve graphics import of non-SWP/SW/SNB .tex files.

  • Fixed a computation crash when evaluating an expression starting with nabla.

  • Fixed a computation problem where an incorrect derivative returned if D notation is used and term begins with a constant.

  • Improved CSS editor enough to do basics.

  • Fixed a display problem where math name objects were not always using upright fonts in gray.

  • Fixed an import problem caused by \strut.

  • Fixed an import problem where preamble commands appearing before any \usepackage statements were lost.

  • Added .nonum. and .renum. automatic substitution macros to unnumber and renumber section headings.

  • Fixed an import problem that had caused two separate paragraphs to become merged.

  • Fixed an import problem where some \renewcommand statements after an \appendix statement were lost.

  • TeX Live defaults to the 2015 version if no TeX Live installation was done.

Version 6.0.18 (08/11/2016)

Change for this release:

  • Several changes to improve Undo in mathematics.

  • Fixed a problem when the default document directory was specified in the preferences dialog.

  • Fixed a problem where lines did not appear when using direct print.

  • Fixed a problem where all plots were not being printed in certain documents.

  • When using Scientific Word, fix a problem that prevented using direct print.

  • Fixed a problem on import where a space was added before certain accented characters.

  • Updated the shell American_Economic_Review--Similar to compile with xelatex, to avoid a LaTeX error when using pdflatex.

  • Fixed a problem on import where "amp;" would appear at the beginning of cells of a matrix.

  • Changed the command file used to call Inkscape so it will be correct for 32-bit versions of Windows.

  • On the File menu, moved Recent Files to follow New Document and Open File.

  • Changed the context menu for Fragments sidebar to say "Create fragment from clipboard" instead of "Paste".

  • Fixed .bmp to .png graphics conversion.

  • Fixed a problem where keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut, and paste would not work in certain text fields in dialog boxes.

  • Fixed a problem with the cursor position when the cursor is in a superscript and the right arrow is pressed.

  • Fixed a problem on import where a capital D followed by a subscript was translated to a blackboard bold D.

  • Fixed a problem where the BIBINPUTS directory was not being found, used by BibTeX.

  • Fixed problems with revising bibliography and citation tags.

  • Fixed a problem with the modification count on saving, correcting a problem where a previously saved PDF file was displayed that did not include the newest changed to the document.

  • Fixed a problem on import when an encapsulated TeX field included a backslash in the name field.

  • Fixed problems importing found in certain specific documents.

  • Fixed a problem importing when using the setspace package.

  • Fixed a problem where modifying the source view would not mark the document as modified after returning to normal view.

  • Fixed a problem where texhash was not run after product install without installing TeX Live.

Version 6.0.17 (06/28/2016)

Change for this release:

  • Fixed a problem importing .tex files where graphics were not correctly imported.

Version 6.0.16 (06/23/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem importing an encapsulated TeX field in math mode.

  • Fixed a problem where characters inside a TeX field were being exported as Unicode hexadecimal characters.

  • Fixed a problem importing where indentation at the beginning of a paragraph was lost.

  • Math will print as black when using direct print.

  • Copy, cut, and paste toolbar icons now work in source view.

  • Fixed a problem importing graphics from SW documents saved using the Portable LaTeX file type.

  • Fixed a problem importing where "&" was used in a marker name.

  • Fixed a problem typesetting a negative thin space in math mode.

  • Fixed a problem typesetting the characters <, >, and \.

  • Changed keyboard shortcuts so if Alt is added it will work for shortcuts that don't otherwise work. For example, Ctrl+Alt+- will add an arrow accent.

  • Fixed a problem importing certain characters with accents.

  • Added processing for Unicode combining long bar. Had been done for short bar, but the decorations dialog now generates the long bar.

  • Fixed a problem importing a BibTeX field.

  • Fixed a problem importing where there are TeX fields at the end of a display.

  • Fixed a problem typesetting valid LaTeX commands inside TeX fields in math mode.

  • TeX fields can now be revised using Edit, Properties.

  • Added a status line message when converting graphics (usually so fast it will not show).

  • Updated installer to use current TeX Live release rather than a year specific TeX Live release.

Version 6.0.15 (05/27/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem that caused Undo to fail.

  • Fixed a problem importing math displays that contained boxed objects.

  • Fixed a problem importing when a LaTeX .sty file is in the same directory as the imported .tex file.

  • Changed \smallfrown, \shortmid, \shortparallel, \thickapprox,\thicksim, \nshortmid, and \nshortparallel to import as TeX fields. Separate corresponding Unicode characters do not exist. These characters can't be directly created with V6 and should not be transformed if imported from existing documents.

  • Fixed the import of \backepsilion.

  • Change &SuchThat; character to be the same as &ni; because Unicode says they are the same.

  • Fixed a problem importing Version 5.5 .tex files that contained HTML fields.

  • Improved behavior of cursor exiting a matrix and displayed math.

  • Fixed problems importing \lneqq, \gneqq, \varsubsetneq, \varsupsetneq, \varsubsetneqq, \varsupsetneqq, \nsubseteq, and \nsupseteq.

  • Fixed a problem with copy/paste in math mode where the order of certain characters was changed.

  • Fixed a problem exporting \Leftarrow, \Rightarrow, and \Leftrightarrow.

  • Make \impliedby=\Longleftarrow, \implies=\Longrightarrow, and \iff=\Longleftrightarrow to match what is done in amsmath.sty.

  • More changes with using the 'any' key modifier to make keyboard shortcuts more locale friendly.

  • Fix Unicode character assignment for \ddots.

  • Unicode assignments for \diagup and \diagdown are x27cb and 27cd.

  • Add fragments minpasses2 ... minpasses5 as an alternative to directly modifying the fragment object.

  • Fixed a copy/paste problem of certain math objects copied out of a math display.

  • Fixed a copy/paste problem when pasting certain math containing superscripts into a fraction.

  • When using Windows, change the command line when converting graphics to solve a double quoting problem.

  • Correctly update the sw-meta information to show the current version being used to save a document.

  • Fixed an import problem where and array object followed an index entry.

  • Corrected characters used for certain stretched arrows.

  • Fixed a problem where docdir was not always correctly defined.

  • When using OS X, change the display method for the TeX file, TeX log, and TeX errors.

Version 6.0.14 (04/29/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Changed the -moz-user-select attribute for buttons in the content, to keep the cursor out of them.

  • Fixed a problem to allow more than one label on a plot.

  • Fixed a problem deleting too much when selected math was inside a brackets object.

  • Fixed a problem where an unwanted space was being added before a \ref in the generated LaTeX.

  • Fixed a problem on OS X where compute in place did not work.

  • Fixed the mapping of certain operators to LaTeX.

  • Fixed a problem importing with certain special characters used in cross reference key names.

  • Fixed a problem where the simplify and evaluate numeric operations would cause a crash.

  • Fixed a problem where compute in place in a numerator would delete the numerator.

  • Updated certain shell documents to remove <sw-meta> tag so it would be properly generated for new documents.

  • Fixed a problem when evaluating expressions using the Hertz or Becquerel units to translate to 1/s (inverse seconds).

  • Changed the "Work in progress" dialog to use the prompt service, so it now appears mid-screen.

  • Fixed a problem deleting certain highlighted text in math mode.

  • Fixed a problem when using units in certain math operations.

  • Fixed a problem where units would typeset in italics.

  • Fixed a problem where the micrometer unit would not typeset correctly.

  • Fixed a problem importing caused by certain text in an index entry.

  • Fixed a problem importing where certain mathematics in a display was not being imported.

  • Fixed a problem with accented \imath characters.

  • Fixed a problem importing custom operator names.

  • Fixed incorrect cursor movements in certain displayed math and matrices.

  • Added relsize package to the installed packages. It was part of the misc set of packages with Version 5.5, but now it is a separate package.

  • Improve handling of spaces in the verbatim environment.

Version 6.0.13 (04/01/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem importing where math was inside a \text macro.

  • Fixed a problem importing where there was a problem with the special appearance portion of an index entry.

  • Fixed a specific import problem.

  • Fixed a problem importing Version 5.5 or earlier documents where plots were being imported as graphics instead of as plots.

  • Changed to not put a frame in the TeX output unless it is visible (border or background color non-white); when needed output wraptable instead of wrapfigure.

  • Changed the table preferences to align with those for plots and images.

  • Changed 'Extra column width' to 'Column width' in the table dialog, because that's what it is.

  • Fixed a problem with arrow generation and added the corrections for generating left arrows.

  • Fixed a problem importing a complicated title page environment.

  • Fixed a problem importing where spaces in label names were removed.

  • Changes to avoid command failure dialog "Error executing command 'pdfpreviewmode'".

  • Fixed a problem caused by a blank line in a caption, causing the caption to be typeset twice.

  • Fixed a problem where defining certain MuPAD names would cause a crash.

  • Fixed up the .sub. auto substitute.

  • Made hard line break symbols non-selectable.

  • Fixed a problem where front matter elements were rearranged when edited. If not fixed, avoid the problem a lot better now.

  • Changes with using the 'any' key modifier to make keyboard shortcuts more locale friendly.

  • A change to let successive hard line breaks appear in the typeset results.

  • Fixed up the behavior of <author> tag. Removed <address> tag. For address and institution for an author, use shift+return. For multiple authors, put in multiple <author> tags.

  • Fixed a location error in pdflatex.bash when using OS X.

  • Fixed a problem where in a system of ODEs, y'(0) was interpreted wrong.

  • Fixed a problem importing where \thispagestyle and \pagestyle were not being imported correctly.

  • Improved the screen appearance for space types.

  • When importing, improved the handling of tables and graphics found in math mode.

  • Fixed a problem when typesetting the \centerdot symbol.

  • Improved the screen appearance for graphics objects.

  • Improved the screen appearance for some of negated characters.

  • Fixed the mapping of certain operators to LaTeX.

Version 6.0.12 (02/23/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem when using OS X to allow spaces in document names when creating PDF.

  • Fixed a problem importing where an empty \mbox was not handled properly.

  • Fixed a problem importing where encapsulated TeX fields surrounded text.

  • Changed Windows cmd files to import msitex.cmd via the MSIPATHS environment variable, and to pause command windows when SWPDEBUG is defined in the environment.

  • Reworked details of graphics conversion. Do not do graphics conversion when a document is loaded if it is not necessary. This also allows reading documents on the Macintosh that come from Windows and use WMFs or EMFs.

  • Changes when using OS X to account for Ghostscript creating read-only files.

  • When using OS X, put /usr/local/bin in the path where it belongs.

  • Fixed a problem importing when a required space is followed by a TeX field.

  • Fixed a problem importing when markers used special symbols like < and > in the marker names.

  • Fixed a problem where an auto-expanding table would overwrite surrounding text.

  • Changed the '->' automatic substitution to work in both text and math.modes.

Version 6.0.11 (02/05/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • Updated help files to show Ctrl+Alt+= as the New Definition keyboard shortcut.

  • Fixed a problem importing where certain special characters in label names caused an import failure.

  • Fixed a problem importing where the hyperlink address included certain special characters.

  • Fixed a problem importing where the longtable environment wasn't handled properly.

  • Fixed a problem importing front matter elements in an afthesis document.

  • Fixed a problem importing upright tagged text in math mode.

  • Improved cursor movement in getting out of displays.

  • Changed css style to improve cursor position locations.

  • Changed source view to prevent extra white space characters from added (except where it exists in the verbatim environment).

  • Added View, TeX Errors menu item to help identify LaTeX compile errors when using PDF Preview in SW and SWP.

  • Improvements to importing eps and wmf graphics conversions when using Windows.

  • Updated ReadMe file for OS X installer to improve line wraps and include advise to use control+click to open the TeX Live and SW or SWP installers.

  • Added signed version of the wmf2epsc printer driver files to the installation when using Windows.

  • Internal changes to saving files to correct an occasional problem where the css directory inside the .sci file was removed.

  • Restored shift+return and shift+enter as the keyboard shortcuts for linebreak.

  • Added instrumentation to help diagnose occasional failure to produce PDF when using OS X.

  • Added alternative script to install TeX Live when using OS X El Capitan if the installer fails.

  • Improved being able to enter text between two consecutive displayed equations.

Version 6.0.10 (01/04/2016)

Changes for this release:

  • When using OS X, fixed a display problem where phi and varphi were reversed.

  • Improved spacing of text subscripts and superscripts.

  • Fixed a problem where characters accented using the LaTeX command \= were not being imported correctly.

  • Added flushleft and flushright to the list of available paragraph tags.

  • Detect a license file on the clipboard and install it to activate the program.

  • Fixed a problem where sidebars would return after having been closed.

  • Prevent allowing files to be named using "untitled" followed by a number. This will help prevent unwanted untitled document files on the local hard disk.

  • Fixed a problem introduced with a font change in the last update that caused bad displays of certain stretchy characters, like expanding braces.

  • Fixed a problem where certain front matter fields would not typeset bold or other text tags.

  • Fixed a problem where the tilde character in math mode was not being typeset.

  • When using Windows, restore display of line and column numbers of current cursor position in the TeX File and TeX Log dialogs.

  • Fixed a problem with the Typeset, Options and Packages dialog that caused a problem in selecting and saving certain class options.

  • Improved import of document preamble.

  • Fixed a problem importing encapsulated TeX fields using & in the Name field.

  • Fixed a problem importing \to, \ne, \le, and \ge that are equivalent forms of other macros.

  • Fixed a problem with the proper display of large objects in math displays.

Version 6.0.9 (12/11/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • Improved display of plots in direct print.

  • Fixed a cursor positioning problem in math after typing (. and then a digit.

  • Fixed a cursor positioning problem in math after typing a decimal number in a superscript.

  • Set View, TeX File uses UTF-8. When using XeTeX, the high order characters display correctly.

  • Changed the default document font to one of several that support OpenType and TrueType more completely than the previous default font, Georgia, did.

  • When using Windows, Ctrl+Alt+= is the keyboard shortcut for a new definition (SWP and SNB). Ctrl++ is now the keyboard shortcut for View, Zoom, Enlarge.

  • Revise the sample text in the shell documents to use paragraph and subparagraph instead of subsubsubsection and subsubsubsubsection, matching the division tags used in Version 6. Some other minor wording clean up in various shell documents.

  • Fixed a problem where dotless i and dotless j were not typesetting correctly.

  • Fixed a problem generating plot snapshots for direct print so snapshots appear the first time.

  • Fixed a problem when using a Beamer document with the alertstepnumberedlist tag.

  • Fixed a problem when using any the the SW Report or SW Book shells where the package order was incorrect, causing LaTeX errors when compiling.

  • Fixed the drop down label for A4 paper in the Document Format dialog.

  • Added improvements to TeX generation for many TeX sysmbols.

  • Added support for text superscript.

  • Revised licensing checking to avoid certain cases where the activation is lost.

  • Fixed a problem with certain accents on the letters z and Z where they wouldn't typeset correctly.

  • Fixed a problem where math names entered using automatic substitution following a fraction would jump into the fraction denominator.

  • Fixed a problem where units entered using automatic substitution following a string of digits places the unit after the first digit of the string.

Version 6.0.8 (11/16/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem resizing plots.

  • Fixed a problem where deleting a sub or super script in a display moves the math out of the display.

  • Fixed a problem where an automatic substitution sometimes didn't erase the original string.

  • Improved pretty printing of source view.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented entering a description list item. Now, press right arrow after entering the label.

  • Improve the behavior of the cursor in displays.

  • When exporting to web and including MathJax, use canonical URL.

  • When using OS X, modifications to account for changed locations of MSITeX.bash and pdflatex.bash.

  • Fix a problem that prevented changing the default shell.

  • When using OS X, there has been a problem with entering macros using ctrl+space. It should be cmd+space, but that keyboard shortcut defaults to Spotlight, the OS X system search. Many utilities like Alfred and Launchbar will use ctrl+space. Up until now ctrl+space has been used, but that is frequently already taken so the macro feature is unavailable. Now, the following keyboard shortcuts will work if they are available:





    All the modifier keys are near each other, so these combinations are actually accessible. When using OS X, try ctrl+space and if that doesn't work, go down this list until you find something that does. The escape key exits the macro tool.

  • For SW and SWP, the LaTeX Passes dialog will automatically close on completion of the LaTeX compile, automatically opening the PDF typeset results.

  • For SW and SWP, PDF Preview or PDF Print copies the PDF file from the working directory to the directory containing the .sci document, with the .pdf file extension.

  • Fixed a problem with Version 6.0.7 where the Mackichan web site would not appear when selected from the help menu.

  • Fixed a problem when revising parts of a display caused a crash.

  • A help/documentation change to clarify that the equation numbering for displays can default to left or right.

  • Fix a problem when using OS X that prevented proper import of .eps and .pdf graphics.

  • For SW and SWP, fixed a problem with bibtex not being run during the LaTeX compile.

  • Fixed a problem with a summation that caused a crash.

  • For SW and SWP, add fontenc to the list of packages.

Version 6.0.7 (10/20/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed a problem importing that resulted in the error, "The fileresource://app/res/shells/-Standard_LaTeX/Standard_LaTeX_Article.sci cannot be found."

  • Fixed a problem importing nested tables.

  • Fixed a problem importing table lines.

  • Fixed a problem importing related to cross referencing equations.

  • Fixed a problem where the Image dialog could be used only once (a problem in Scientific Word only).

  • Changed TeX Live install to be for all users instead of user doing the install.

  • Use https protocol to update the MSI What's New sidebar.

  • Fixed a problem with the advanced edit dialog in the image dialog.

  • Fixed a problem importing a tabular object in math mode.

  • Fixed problems saving plot snapshots and having the plots be "active".

  • Fixed a problem importing where the author field contained a tabular.

  • Fixed a problem with the placement of a tabular and text that should typeset before the tabular.

  • Improve importing stretch space in math mode.

  • Fixed a problem importing where a paragraph start was lost for a new paragraph that followed a theorem-like environment.

  • Fixed a problem where an imported document that had a paragraph starting with a zero space would prevent being able to select the contents of the paragraph.

  • A change to make sure MuPAD finished before SWP or SNB would continue.

  • Fixed problems where evaluating a large limit caused a crash.

  • Modified installation program to allow correct installation of TeX Live when using El Capitan version of OS X.

Version 6.0.6 (09/16/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • Fixed adding new expressions to plots (a problem in Scientific Notebook only).

  • Fixed a problem where the character & was imported as "&amp;".

  • Fixed a problem where mathematics containing cube roots were imported as "invalid-markup".

  • Fixed a problem where a paragraph that begins with a 2-em space could not be selected.

  • Fixed a problem where stretch spaces were not imported correctly.

  • Corrected a typo in the help system (Ctrl+k is used to activate the symbol keyboard).

  • Fixed a problem where spaces and other special characters in file paths would cause compile errors on OS X.

  • Updated the Slides_Beamer shell to add the minpasses fragment.

  • Fixed using preference values to select BibTeX directories. BibTeX bibliographies can be used in documents.

  • Fixed problems with the computation of Bessel functions.

  • Improved wording displayed when importing .tex, so that status messages will not be confused with errors.

  • Fixed a problem where it was difficult to add text following a plot.

  • Fixed a problem importing when \normalsize was in the document preamble.

  • Fixed a problem importing related to a specific use of \overset in the .tex file.

  • Added a setting in the preferences for the default directory to use for documents.

  • Enabled pressing F1 on Windows (CMD+? on the Mac) to bring up Help.

  • Added a Beamer fragment directory for SWP and SW for items from Version 5.5 not already included in the Version 6 interface.

  • Updated the installer program which should help dialog appearance for certain high resolution displays.

Version 6.0.5 (08/21/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • A problem where content to a table cell and to lists could not be added.

  • Improved appearance of footnotes when displayed.

  • When a subdocument is selected to be imported, instead import the master document instead of doing nothing.

  • A problem where plots could not be created when using a non-English locale.

  • Improve behavior of paste and drag and drop problems that were seen when using subscripts and superscripts.

  • A problem where math characters with accents and tags would not import with the tag.

  • A problem where applying a section tag produced a subsection.

  • A problem where automatic substitutions would jump from the main line into a superscript.

  • The bowtie character was being used instead of the Join character.

  • Add the smallsetminus character to the Binary operations symbol panel.

  • The Windows installer now uses Ghostscript version 9.16.

Version 6.0.4 (08/07/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • Improvements to File, TeX Import.

  • A problem where the abstract was typeset twice.

  • Inconsistencies between the modern and classic themes.

  • Remove the excessive narrowness of the polyglossia/babel language dropdowns.

  • Fix cursor position after using the Typeset, Document Format dialog.

  • A problem where a normal right parenthesis would be exported to LaTeX as an expanding right parenthesis.

  • Custom labels on displays were not typeset correctly.

  • A problem where list level selection was not being done correctly.

  • Allow correct selection of the starting shell document when using Windows.

  • Inorrect importing and exporting to LaTeX of certain symbols (\diamond, \Diamond, \epsilon, \varepsilon, \bigcirc, \setminus, \smallsetminus, \barwedge, \prep, \varphi, and \digamma)

  • The Negated Symbols symbol panel was using the incorrect character display for \lneq and \gneq.

  • Pre-tagging with blackboardBold, calligraphic, and fraktur was not working.

  • The placeins and breakcites packages were missing from the TeX installation.

  • Other TeX installation problems, especially on OS X.

  • Other bugs and cosmetic issues have also been fixed.

Version 6.0.3 (07/21/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • The installation problem of TeX Live has been solved. The problem was in the TeX Live installation on CTAN, but we now have been able to avoid that bug with our installation process.

  • Deleting a superscript or subscript inside of a fraction no longer causes a crash.

  • Copy/paste from a superscript or subscript no longer causes invalid markup.

  • Corrected a problem where entering a math name (or any automatic substitution) in a display removed the display.

  • Under-braces now imported correctly.

  • More graphics now imported correctly.

  • Corrected problems with importing footnotes in front matter.

  • Helper lines can be hidden on screen and using direct print.

  • Citation keys show up in the dropdown list in the Citation dialog.

  • The default for the BibTeX directories has been improved.

  • Improvements to package ordering.

  • A spurious window about one inch square that would sometimes appear will not longer appear.

  • Fix problem where section numbering was not being reset at the beginning of new chapters when using certain book shells.

Version 6.0.2 (07/02/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • Fix display of \vec (the vector character accent) on import.

  • Fix Import and Export of .tex when using Scientific Notebook.

  • Disable Import/Export TeX menu items when program has not been activated.

  • Improvements to importing LaTeX.

  • Fix Help, MacKichan Web Site menu item so the MacKichan home page is displayed in default browser.

  • Add name field to the activate dialog. This is used by the license administrators for home use licenses.

  • File, Page Setup now correctly opens the dialog.

  • Fix problem with the Display Properties dialog to allow changes to be saved.

  • Remove \input{tcilatex} from shells that do not reference other typesetting specification files only available with SW/SWP.

  • Update profile directory if files in install directory are newer.

  • Modifications to allow substituting MiKTeX for TeX Live during installation or afterwards appropriate direct modification to msitex.cmd (Windows only).

  • Improve window creation on OS X to prevent initial document from being hidden.

  • A problem with converting EPS to PDF that was fixed.

  • A problem installing TeX Live on OS X that was fixed.

  • Allow deleting symbols from the User tab of the Symbol sidebar.

Version 6.0.1 (06/13/2015)

Changes for this release:

  • The installation program now installs TeX Live 2015.

  • More spell check languages are available in Windows:

    • English/United Kingdom

    • English/United States

    • German/Germany

    • Hebrew/Israel

    • Italian

    • Spanish/Mexican

    • Spanish/Spain

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts are available on non-U.S. keyboards.

  • Roman tag is now active in both math and text.

  • Improvements to importing LaTeX:

    • Custom labels on theorem-type environments imported correctly.

    • The \renewenvironment macro is handled appropriately.

    • LaTeX files with ampersands (&) in their names can be imported

Version 6.0.1 (06/04/2015)

First release.

Revised 11/30/2020

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