745: Updating a trial license to a permanent license without reinstalling

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Document 745

Updating a trial license to a permanent license without reinstalling

Version: 5.5 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

When you purchase a permanent fixed license after installing and registering a trial version of the same software, it is not necessary to reinstall the software. You can replace the trial serial number with your permanent serial number and then install a permanent license, even if the trial period has expired. This procedure can only be used if you purchased the same program that you had installed as a trial. If you used the Scientific WorkPlace trial but purchased Scientific Word (or any other combination), then you must uninstall the trial program and install the purchased program.

Update procedure

  1. Change the serial number entered when the software was installed.

    1. Launch the software (SWP, SW. or SNB).

    2. From the Help menu, choose System Features

    3. Choose Change Serial Number next to the current serial number.

    4. Enter the new serial number.

    5. Choose OK to close the Enter New Serial Number dialog.

    6. Choose OK to close the System Features dialog box.

  2. Register the new serial number.

    1. From the Help menu choose Register.

    2. If the computer has an active Internet connection, select the option By an automated web service. Otherwise, select the registration method that best suits your situation.

    3. Follow the prompts to complete the registration.

    NOTE: If you have a satellite serial number from a school or organization site license, your license will be emailed to the site license administrator at your institution, who will forward it to you once it is approved. A message will inform you of this procedure when the registration is completed and will include the email address of your site administrator. The email you receive from your site administrator includes instructions for completing the licensing.

  3. Verify that the new license is in use.

    1. Exit the software.

    2. Start the software.

    3. From the Help menu, choose System Features

    4. Inspect the dialog. There should be a long list of features marked as Available showing that you have a valid license installed. If there are only three items, a valid license is not available and the program is running in viewer mode.

What to do if the procedure fails

  1. The license file may have information in it that is confusing the system. Delete the file license.lic in the Licenses directory below where the program is installed and then try the update procedure again. The default install directory for Scientific WorkPlace is c:\swp55, for Scientific Word it is c:\sw55, and for Scientific Notebook it is c:\Program Files\Scientific Notebook.

  2. If the licensing still fails after the second try, locate the files register55.txt from the install directory and license.lic from the Licenses directory and sent them as attachments to support@mackichan.com along with a short description of the problem. The file register55.txt is created during the registration.

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Added 7/30/09

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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