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Troubleshooting Scientific Notebook

Version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x - Scientific Notebook

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The following information may help if you experience problems with Scientific Notebook.

Installing Scientific Notebook

Error Starting Program: Scinoteb.exe file is linked to missing export CTL3D32.DLL

Problem: This message displays when the CTL3D32.DLL file on a Windows system is an older version than the one Scientific Notebook requires.

Solution: Install a new version of the DLL file.

System crashes during installation

Problem: When you attempt to install the Beta versions of Scientific Notebook, you get messages indicating that certain files can't be found, can't be copied, or can't be decompressed.

Solution: There may be problems with your temporary directory.

WININET.DLL not found

Problem: When you attempt to run Scientific Notebook, you receive an error stating that WININET.DLL or OLEAUT32.DLL was not found.

Solution: Install the missing file.

Fonts display incorrectly

Problem: The Scientific Notebook Unicode fonts don't display on screen or print correctly.

Solution: Check that the fonts are installed properly and correct the installation if necessary.

Starting Scientific Notebook

Cannot connect to license server

Problem: The message displays when you try to start the program.

Solution: Modify the default environment variable for FLEXlm, our licensing software.

License verification error

Problem: Windows is trying to run the program under a Terminal Service.

Solution: Log off and restart.

Scientific Notebook doesn't start

Problem: Scientific Notebook doesn't start if you have installed the preview release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. There is a bug in sh32w32.dll, a file located in your Windows system directory.

Solution: Update to a newer version of sh32w32.dll.

Displaying Scientific Notebook documents

Can't find file (filename)

Problem: The message displays when you try to open a file.

Solution: Choose an option.

Problem with importing JPG graphics

Problem: JPG graphics created with Adobe Illustrator don't import correctly.

Solution: Open and save the graphics in a different program.

Single and double quotes are displayed as question marks

Problem: Some characters appear incorrectly in Scientific Notebook if the software is installed on systems running Japanese Windows.

Solution: Install a new character mapping file to replace the file of the same name in the Scientific Notebook program directory.

Printing Scientific Notebook documents

Not all characters print

Problem: Some characters don't appear in print.

Solution: TrueType fonts haven't been downloaded correctly to the printer. Download the fonts.

Last revised 04/25/06

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