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Document 561

Patch update for German translation of Version 4.1

Version: 4.0 & 4.1 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

Read this document in German.

We have worked with Additive, our German distributor, to localize Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook. You can download a patch update for build 2363 of the German translation if you currently have installed build 2321 of Version 4.0 or build 2347 of Version 4.1. The patch update for build 2363 includes changes in the program that have occurred since the release of Version 4.0 (build 2321).

Important notes

  • If you're running Version 4.0 under a floating license, your system administrator must update the version of FlexLM installed on your server before you can use any Version 4.1 build. FlexLM Version 8.1 comes with our Version 4.1 CD, but is not available by download. For information about installing a new version of FlexLM and obtaining an updated serial number MacKichan Software products, system administrators should contact Additive.

  • Please read all the instructions before you begin the update. Note that we have made a one-time change to our licensing process that requires reregistration for Version 4.1. Step Three contains instructions.

Step One. Check the version of SWP/SW/SNB you're using.

  1. Start your copy of the program.

  2. From the Help menu, choose About and note the version and build numbers. If you currently have the German translation of Version 4.0 build 2321 or Version 4.1 build 2347, you can use the patch update.

Step Two. Download and install the patch update.

The patch update files are different for different products. Please be sure you download the correct patch update file for your installation.

If you have sufficient disk space, you may want to make a copy of your current program directory before you apply the patch update. If the update should fail for some reason, you may need to reinstall from the original program CD. In most cases, the patch update preserves user preferences, such as new automatic substitutions and toolbar configurations.

To download and install the patch update:

  1. Choose the appropriate file from the table following these instructions and download it to your local hard drive.

  2. When the download is complete, close your current version of SWP, SW, or SNB.

  3. Run the downloaded program and follow the screen prompts.

  4. Start the program.

  5. From the Help menu, choose About, and check that the build number is 2363.

If you have Download this patch update
Scientific WorkPlace
V4.0 build 2321 or V4.1 build 2347 DEswp41b2363.exe — 4.62 MB
Scientific Word
V4.0 build 2321 or V4.1 build 2347 DEsw41b2363.exe — 2.99 MB
Scientific Notebook
V4.0 build 2321 or V4.1 build 2347 DEsn41b2363.exe — 4.02 MB

Step Three. Reregister your software.

We have made a one-time change to our licensing process that requires reregistration for Version 4.1. This step is necessary if you are updating from Version 4.0 Build 2321, but it is not needed if updating from Version 4.1 build 2347.

  • From the Help menu, choose Register, and follow the instructions in the dialog boxes.

Last revised 06/29/06

This document was created with Scientific WorkPlace.

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