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Document 571

Patch update 2363 for Version 4.x

Version: 4.0 & 4.1 - Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, & Scientific Notebook

We have released build 2363 of Version 4.1 of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook.

You can download a patch update file for build 2363 if you currently have installed either

  • Build 2312 or 2321 of Version 4.0


  • Build 2345, 2347 or 2359 of Version 4.1

The patch update for build 2363 includes changes in the program that have occurred since the release of Version 4.0 (build 2312).

Important notes

  • The patch update files are different for different builds. Please be sure you download the correct patch update file for your installation.

  • This patch update is for the English version only. If you have the German version of one of our products, you must obtain the German patch update.

  • If you're running Version 4.0 under a floating license, your system administrator must update the version of FlexLM installed on your server before you can use any Version 4.1 build. FlexLM Version 8.1 comes with our Version 4.1 CD, but is not available by download. For information about installing a new version of FlexLM and obtaining an updated serial number MacKichan Software products, system administrators should contact technical support by email or by telephone at (360) 394-6033 or (877) 724-9673.

Please read all the instructions before you begin the update. Note that we have made a one-time change to our licensing process that requires reregistration for Version 4.1. Step Three contains instructions.

Step One. Check the version of SWP/SW/SNB you're using.

  1. Start your copy of the program.

  2. From the Help menu, choose About and note the version and build numbers.

    • If you currently have build 2312 or 2321 of Version 4.0 or build 2345, 2347, or 2359 of Version 4.1, you can use a patch update.

    • If you have Version 3.5x or earlier, you must purchase an upgrade to Version 4.

Step Two. Download and install the patch update.

The patch update files are different for different builds. Please be sure you download the correct patch update file for your installation.

If you prefer, you can download the complete self-extracting installation file for build 2363 (46.1 MB for SWP; 40.5 MB for SW; 20.0 MB for SNB).

If you have sufficient disk space, you may want to make a copy of your current program directory before you apply the patch update. If the update should fail for some reason, you may need to reinstall from the original program CD or download the full self-extracting installation file. In most cases, the patch update preserves user preferences, such as new automatic substitutions and toolbar configurations.

To download and install the patch update:

  1. Choose the appropriate file from the table following these instructions and download it to your local hard drive.

  2. When the download is complete, close your current version of SWP, SW, or SNB.

  3. Run the downloaded program and follow the screen prompts.

  4. Start the program.

  5. From the Help menu, choose About, and check that the build number is 2363.

If you have Download patch update
Scientific WorkPlace
V4.1 build 2345, 2347 or 2359 swp41to41b2363.exe — 2.4 MB
V4.0 build 2312 or 2321 swp40to41b2363.exe — 5.4 MB
Scientific Word
V4.1 build 2345, 2347 or 2359 sw41to41b2363.exe — 0.8 MB
V4.0 build 2312 or 2321 sw40to41b2363.exe — 3.7 MB
Scientific Notebook
V4.1 build 2345, 2347 or 2359 sn41to41b2363.exe — 2.3 MB
V4.0 build 2312 or 2321 sn40to41b2363.exe — 4.4 MB

Product Download full install file
Scientific WorkPlace swp-pro410.exe — 46.1 MB
Scientific Word sciword410.exe — 40.5 MB
Scientific Notebook scinoteb410.exe — 20.0 MB

Step Three. Reregister your software.

We have made a one-time change to our licensing process that requires reregistration for Version 4.1.

  • If you are upgrading to build 2363 from build 2312 or 2321, you must reregister your software: From the Help menu, choose Register, and follow the instructions in the dialog boxes.

  • If you are upgrading from build 2345, 2347, or 2359, you do not need to reregister.

Changes included in build 2363

This patch update contains the following changes, which have occurred in the program since the release of Version 4.0 (build 2312). Some descriptions use technical and internal terms and may not completely describe the change. Note that not all changes apply to all products; for example, changes to the Style Editor do not apply to SNB. The list is presented in no particular order.

Changes since build 2359 (included in build 2363)

  • Corrected links and graphics references in index.tex and index.cdx .

  • In svreadme.tex, changed occurrences of version 4.0 to version 4.1.

  • Fixed various MuPAD 2.5 bugs.

  • Worked on CONST_EULERgamma.

  • In the exambuilder, fixed a bug associated with downloading quizzes.

  • In the exambuilder, fixed bug in the scripting of the greeting at the top of a generated quiz.

  • In the exambuilder, fixed the format of "Hello" by adding space after the word.

  • Fixed a bug in the exambuilder and the freeformgrader dll in which the exambuilder failed to close the freeformgrader dll, causing the exambuilder to hang on Win95.

  • Fixed a bug in packages.lic in the section for SNB_MuPAD.

Changes since build 2347 (included in build 2359)

  • Added a feature that turns the IME (Input Method Editor ) off when switching to math mode. This behavior is controlled via the User Setup/Font Mapping tab.

  • Upgrade to MuPAD 2.5.2. Numerous MuPAD bugs fixed including:

    • Partially fixed functionality of hypergeom function in MuPAD. It's not necessary to readlib() this function in MuPAD.

    • Increased the default value of digits used in computation to 20 and the default number of 2D plot sample points to 100.

    • Turned on Solve ODE Series in MuPAD.

    • Fixed a computation bug in the handling of the laplacian.

    • Added the MuPAD package Simplify.

    • Fixed some Numerical ODE bugs.

    • Redid all probability density functions using the stats library package.

    • Added the least squares case to tcisolve() using numeric::leastSquares().

    • Removed a fix applied to previous calls to stats::variance() because the implementation changed in MuPAD 2.5.

    • Removed ode2vectorfield() because numeric::ode2vectorfield() is now in the library.

    • Fixed a bug dealing with plotting 2 \arcsin(x-2) on [-1,4]x[-4,4]. The MuPAD library was returning unexpected error code 282.

    • Fixed a bug that produced a similar appearance for dash, dot, dotdash, and dotdotdash line styles.

    • Fixed a bug so that Left and Right boxes work with MuPAD approximate integral plots.

    • Fixed a bug so that you can pan/zoom MuPAD conformal plots.

    • Partially fixed problems graphing a normalized vector field in MuPAD.

    • Fixed a bug dealing with the combining of two vector field plots.

    • Fixed several memory leaks from MuPAD plots.

    • Changed the default plot frame size from 2in x 3in to 3in x 4.5in.

  • Removed the Maple kernel and library from SWP and SNB.

  • Added support for the latex class dinbrief.cls (Deutscher DIN Brief) including shell file Deutscher DIN Brief.shl and style files dinbrief.cst and dinbrief2.cst.

  • Updated MuPadFreeformGrader.dll to work with MuPAD 2.5.

  • Fixed some problems related to changes in MuPAD 2.5, in plots including plotting with matrix arguments and point plots.

  • Fixed some bugs in

  • Changed or updated documentation, synchronizing with the MuPAD-only build.

  • Fixed the path to makeindex in the sample document PackageSample-nomencl.tex.

  • Updated or corrected several Computing Techniques help files.

  • Synchronized the exambuilder's grader program and the mupadfreeformGrader to work the latest release of MuPAD.

  • Synchronized with the latest release of MuPAD. This included fixing a problem in the function tcidostring, which is used by exambuilder, and a problem with piecewise-plots.

Changes since build 2345 (included in build 2347)

  • Fixed a bug in which the cross reference was thrown away when an index entry was revised.

  • Fixed a bug in which the reference box for 3d plot rotation was drawn off the screen.

  • Updated the help file install_wmf2eps.tex to include instructions for Windows ME and Windows XP.

  • Updated the shell document Overhead Transparencies.shl. Added scalefnt package and a scale factor to enlarge the document when it is typeset. Also, added a statement that appears on a separate first page when typeset that says this shell is not intended for typesetting.

  • Updated the cst file cl2emono.cst. In the [FILTER] section: changed "\newenvironment{flushright}[0][]{}{}" to "\newenvironment{error}{}{}". The flushright environment now works properly. This cst is used by the shell Springer-Verlag Heidelberg Physics Monograph.shl.

  • Fixed a bug in the order program dealing with 4.1 serial numbers.

Changes since build 2321 (included in build 2345 and later)

  • Fixed problems in rtf2latex2e related to matrices and text in math.

  • Made cosmetic changes to SWSamples/PackageSample-color.tex.

  • Added "border=none" specification to HTML output for the "inline positioning image."

  • Fixed the portable LaTeX filter's handling of the 2000 AMS classification scheme.

  • Improved support for localized indexes, particularly Japanese.

  • Fixed a crash on exit on Windows 95/98 systems. The crash occurred when SWP was not running and the user double-clicked on a .tex file in Windows Explore. The file failed to load in SWP.

  • Fixed a bug in the theorem environment that involved mathematics digits being rendered in italics.

  • Improved the localizability of the Exam Builder by moving strings into the resources.

  • Fixed a crash which could occur after entering a negative value in the margin spin edit on the Header/Footer page of the Page Setup dialog.

  • Fixed a bug in Style Editor styles in which you could not place a graphic on the same page as text if the graphic was 5" tall, even though the text height was 7.5" and only a line or two of text was on the page.

  • In the help file Creating a BibTeX Bibliography (createbibtextbib.tex), added a missing header tag for "To change the BibTeX bibliography style".

  • Added keywords to make searching for install_wmf2eps.tex easier.

  • Added a section to the help files latex_files.tex, latex.tex, and portability.tex, indicating that LaTeX 2.09 documents are obsolete.

  • Added a warning dialog when the user tries to typeset a LaTeX 2.09 document.

  • Added a comment in the help file portability.tex noting that REVTeX styles have been updated and now use LaTeX2e.

  • In the help file texperts.tex, removed a section dealing with the section* command.

  • Updated the IEEE Transactions shell and style files from CTAN.

  • Changed sw20bams.sty. Added a definition for \endproof. This preserves the end proof box even when using the Portable LaTeX filter.

  • Added support for SPIE document class.

  • Removed the setspace package for the uc-thesis section of classes.pkg. Setspace is not compatible with this document class and will cause a LaTeX error.

  • Improved Style Editor support for 11.5-pt font schemes.

  • Fixed a bug in sebase.cls dealing with the use of equation numbers on the left.

  • Changed ebmilestone14.qiz and ebmilestone14.tex so that the sample questions have a "correct choice."

  • Updated many Style editor related shell documents to add more sample text.

  • Fixed a crash on inserting a displayed graphic with two windows on the same document.

  • Fixed a bug dealing with inheritance of plot ranges when an item is dragged onto a plot.

  • Fixed a bug in the Tables Style Properties subdialog so that checking "Intercolumn gap spacing" in the "Grid Properties Specified" check-listbox activates the "Scale default interrow spacing".

  • Fixed a bad screen drawing following Undo Deletion and UAE when undoing a deletion that ends with the invisible leadin at the beginning of a continuation paragraph.

  • Made the Exam Builder easier to localize by moving strings into the resource dll.

  • Fixed a crash of setup.exe that occurred when the CD is removed while installing.

  • In the Style Editor help, rearranged items in the Float Placement section to match the order in the dialog.

  • Fixed some screen update bugs, for example, when there is a floating toolbar over the line in which the user is typing.

  • Changed the Typeset/Options and Packages dialog to indicate if the document is LaTeX 2e or LaTeX 2.09.

  • Improved the code in the Name Warning dialog.

  • In the help file times.tex, added a pointer to TrueTeX's mathtime documentation.

  • In the help file format.tex, replaced a reference to subsection with Heading 3.

  • Fixed a bug in footnote handling in which an overridden footnote number was lost when a revised footnote was accepted.

  • Fixed a bug in the output filter in which the asterisk was not scripted in the \end statement.

  • Changed sebase.cls to make it more compatible with Babel.

  • Fixed up the appendix heading in the Style Editor style selbk.sty.

  • Fixed a bug in the BibTeX citation and citation dialogs in which users could not exit the remark field.

  • Added position stickiness to the citation dialog.

  • Changed tcilatex.tex by restoring the AMS-like macros when in 2.09 compatibility mode. This allows LaTeX 2.09 documents to typeset.

  • Fixed a bug in the order program in which an invalid license is created when using the "I already have an unlock code and want to enter it" selection in order.exe with a German language license.

  • Changed the shell document Journal of International Economics North-Holland.shl. Updated some text in the shell, including information about point size and hyperlinks.

  • Fixed problems in tcislide.fd that caused LaTeX compile errors when used with the multilingual format. Also removed a comment about this failure in the shell document Slides - SW Slides.shl.

  • Changed the shell documents Exam Builder Shell.shl and Exam Builder w title page.shl, adding some text so these shells are more like other shells in the system and don't just come up empty.

  • Fixed the algorithm used for finding the parameter of "\verb".

  • Fixed bugs and a memory leak in the Style Editor dealing with Font Schemes not being created correctly.

  • Changed sebook1.sty, selbk.sty, and serep1.sty to fix a problem with running headers not displaying correctly.

  • In the Style Editor, removed unused buttons displayed after selecting Parts/Table of Contents.

  • Fixed a problem in the TrueTeX4.5 installation in which the fonts lcmss8, lcmssb8, and lcmssi8 were not installed.

  • Changed the shell documents Academic press journals.shl and Academic Press Journals - Modified.shl to use the table* environment instead of the table environment and add \centering to the [B] field.

  • Fixed a Style Editor bug that used existing \QTagDef numbers when updating the .cst file.

  • Fixed a Style Editor bug that created a style that can't be opened after a style is saved, even though no changes were supposed to have been made to the style.

  • Fixed a problem in the shell document Science Magazine.shl that caused a LaTeX compile error when saved with the Portable LaTeX filter.

  • Updated and corrected information in the document BibTteXBibliographyStyles.tex.

  • Fixed a bug causing the output of a bogus tag (HO) when exporting to HTML.

  • Fixed Style Editor bugs that dealt with converting 2.5 Style Editor styles to Version 3.5.

  • Fixed a Style Editor crash that occurred after deleting an exceptional page.

  • Fixed a Style Editor problem dealing with a temporary item getting left in the style.

  • Fixed a Style Editor problem dealing with empty item lists.

  • Fixed a Style Editor problem in which the default values of document variables were written into the shell document.

  • Added dcu.bst to the BibTeX files.

  • Updated paralist.sty and tocbibind.sty to the latest versions available on CTAN.

  • Fixed a bug in the Portable LaTeX filter in which packages listed after the mathtime package were not scripted into the document.

  • Fixed a Style Editor bug resulting in incorrect typesetting if a label was used in a bibliography item.

  • Fixed version information and icon in the Exam Builder.

  • Fixed a bug in the Portable LaTeX filter dealing with line breaking and the \index command.

  • Fixed typos in the sample document PackageSample-wrapfig.tex.

  • Updated the files tocbibind.dvi and tocbibind.sty to the latest versions found on CTAN.

  • Added a commend to the beginning of the file packgs.opt indicating how to create multi-select option lists.

  • Upgraded licensing.

  • Fixed the handling of multibyte characters in TeX fields and in the Preamble dialog.

  • Changed the name on an internal function DrawText to DrawPlotText to avoid conflicts with a system function.

  • Corrected the handling of multibyte characters in the old LaTeX filter.

  • Made various HTML improvements including changes to transform graphics with more accurate sizing; adding horizontal alignment to output for table cells, when specified on individual cells; changes to improve table output, with respect especially to borders and rules; changes to better translate tagged runs if they don't appear in the file htmlout.dat; and changes to correct problems with nested font sizes in CSS output, due to their being specified as percentage values.

  • Fixed an internal code bug in the function LongMult.

  • Fixed a crash in the Portable LaTeX filter when an encapsulated TeX Button contained the \U macro.

  • Fixed a localization bug that created fonts using the default charset instead of the system charset.

  • Updated the shell document Elsevier Preprint.shl. instead of a single frontmatter TeX field, it now uses multiple encapsulated TeX fields for the various elements that were inside the frontmatter environment.

  • Added support for the document classes ifacmtg.cs and llncs.cls. Included the shell documents Elsevier IFAC Proceedings.shl and Springer-Verlag Heidelberg LLNCS.shl.

  • Added the file CD Extras/TrueTeXFormatFiles/latex_es.fmt. It is a TrueTex format file (for the version of TrueTeX included with SW 4.0) with American and Spanish hyphenation patterns.

  • Added the file CD Extras/TrueTeXFormatFiles/latex_pt.fmt. It is a TrueTex format file (for the version of TrueTeX included with SW 4.0) with American and Portuguese hyphenation patterns.

  • Updated the instructions in packageSample-nomencl.tex.

  • Improved HTML export by adding CSS generation using an external data file.

  • Changed the HTML export of the TeX commands \hspace, \quad, and \qquad.

  • Upgraded the HTML export to allow style attributes for captions.

  • Created the documentation files Site License Admin-40.pdf and Site License Admin-40.rap.

  • Fixed a bug in the input filter in which a comment directly following the closing brace of a section command caused a blank paragraph to be added to a document.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when closing a document that had been opened as a wrapped file.

  • Fixed the graphic used for Goto Marker in the Doing Math documents basic.tex and dm1-1.tex.

  • Added the ability to use strings as CSS selector arguments in the cssGen.dat file. This will allow the quick addition of functionality, which is the intention of the external data file.

  • Changed the help document createindex.tex to update the instruction for generating an index for documents saved with the Portable LaTeX filter.

  • Added the extension .ilg (the makeindex log file extension) to the list of extensions managed for typeset purposes.

  • Synchronized the order programs with the new version of the licensing software.

  • Changed the version number to 4.1.

  • Fixed a bug in the Tag Appearance Graphics dialog in which controls were cross-linked.

  • Added a message asking the user to save modified documents before exiting, in cases that occurred when we lost the license server connection.

  • Fixed a bug in which users could not register if the serial number contained lowercase letters.

  • In help files, replaced references to Version 4.0 with references to Version 4.

  • Added a dummy license file, viewer.lic, to prevent licensing software from complaining about a syntax error if no other license is around.

  • Fixed a bug in the Exam Builder in which backslashes (\) were being scripted instead of slashes (/) in the path in Frame macros.

  • Changed the processing of the %X parameter in the TeX Formatter dialog so that -r "platex %X" will work.

  • Fixed a spacing problem in the TOC in the documents ShellGallery-40/36StyleManualSHORTtoc.tex and Typesetting-40/36StyleManualSHORTtoc.tex.

  • Added the LaTeX format file, latex_it.fmt, which contains Italian hyphenation patterns.

  • Added a list of general enhancements and fixed in Version 4.1 to the help document 40releasenotes.tex.

Changes since build 2312 (included in build 2321 and later)

  • Increased the amount of toolbar information that is preserved with Save/User Preferences.

  • Fixed links in ../common/svwelcome.tex to point to rather than../help.

  • Updated to a new version of Sassafras in KeyServer and turned it on

  • Corrected the input filter's handling of \genfrac to enter matched braces into the destination.

  • Updated the files Help/computing/dm10-1.tex, Help/computing/dm3-1.tex, and Help/computing/dm3-3.tex to detail some MuPAD differences with respect to complex solutions.

  • In the order program, changed the URL to

  • Updated REVTeX 4.shl to remove "Test Version" in two places.

  • Updated sw20utah.sty to fix a Table of Contents bug. Updated Similar to University of Utah.shl to use a different title for the first two chapters to be consistent with other shells.

  • Fixed a problem dealing with nested bold and italics in some .cst files.

  • Changed the Citation Font Face to Arial in some .cst files.

  • Added the recognition of \lambdabar to the input filter.

  • Made various improvements to the MathML output, including Big Operators and Fences.

  • Updated the file secalcul.sty.

  • Changed the default graphic placement to "displayed" for SNB and the Viewer.

  • Added shell and cst files for the Journal of Sound and Vibration.shl.

  • Updated cite.sty, drftcite.sty, and overcite.sty from CTAN.

  • Fixed the definition of \QTR#1#2 in tcilatex.tex so that it works with macros.

  • Fixed a bug in tcilatex.tex that involved an offsetting problem in the typesetting of inline graphics when the Babel package is used.

  • Made various improvements to the MathML output, in particular the LaTeX environments "cases", "split", "gathered", and "aligned". These environments were previously included with "eqnarray" and are now be treated separately.

  • Added Bigl and Bigr to the IsQTO list so they are recognized as gray boxes.

  • Removed the word "Maple" from the information string in the Open Location dialog.

  • In the online help documents, removed references to the Insert/Field menu in citations.tex; corrected typographical errors in creatingmathematics.tex, keyboard_shortcuts.tex, and texformatter.tex; corrected a shortcut from Ctrl+s to Ctrl+g in greek.tex; corrected documentation for creating a LaTeX format file in help document truetexformats.tex; and fixed a bug in index.tex that caused duplicate entries in the Help/Search dialog.

  • Updated the LaTeX package float.sty.

  • In the Portable LaTeX filter, fixed problems that wrote \documentclass in a comment and wrote the \pacs macro multiple times in the file.

  • Removed references to the Insert/Field menu for help documents dm1-1.tex, dm5-4.tex, dm7-7.tex, ebchap03.tex, and ebrefalgo.tex.

  • Corrected a typographical error in SW sample document amslatextest.tex.

  • Changed swugbk.sty and swughelp.sty so that elements such as "Chapter" are localizable.

  • Changed the definition of \dint, \diint, and \diiint in tcilatex.tex to use \mathop, similar to the other displayed operators. This has side effect of scoping the displaystyle switch to the operator.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the user dictionary entry in the registry is missing.

  • Added QTO support for \bmod, \mod, and \pod.

  • Made a merging change in 3.51 to allow people to switch to the first language DLL.

  • Updated the LaTeX format files on CD_Extras/TrueTexFormatFiles.

  • Removed duplicate entries for PARAGRAPH_INDENT_LEFT in the [proof] section in the cst file LaTeX Book.cst.

  • Fixed a crash in tcispech.dll when no graphics filters are installed.

  • Fixed a problem dealing with undo text tags across a paragraph boundary.

  • Fixed bug on the Graphics page of the User Setup dialog so that the default units are not always inches.

  • Fixed a bug in the Tag Appearance code so that the caption font size doesn't spill out of the caption and into the main text.

  • Fixed a crash after Delete, Undo, Delete across environments.

  • Allowed for the 11.5pt font scheme in Style Editor styles.

  • Fixed a bug in the Find dialog so that the Find Next button is set as the default button when the search data are changed.

  • Fixed a bug dealing with the renaming of a graphic to a name already in use.

  • Fixed a bug in the units in the Rules dialog.

  • Fixed bug in the edit box in the Change Display Name subdialog of the Tag Appearance dialog.

  • On the CD, updated site license administrator instructions dealing with how to set up and install a floating license.

  • Fixed a bug in the Font subdialogs of Tag Appearance dealing with typing in a point size not on the provided list.

  • Fixed bug in Tag Appearance dialog so that the Save button is properly enabled.

  • Updated TrueTeX4.5, fixing a problem that excluded multilingual support from the LaTeX format file latex_ml.fmt.

  • Updated sebase.cls and selbk.sty. Made additional changes to make running headers and similar elements localizable.

  • Made a sweep of the cst files, removing duplicate entries within a section. Also fixed or removed various bogus entries such as font weighs set to 0.

Last revised 06/29/06

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